ONLINE & Repeat Prescriptions - 48 HOURS NOTICE MINIMUM


Please make sure you state:
Your Name
Date of birth
Nominated pharmacy
The exact medication you require. Please do not ask for ‘full repeat’ as this needs to be specific or the request will be rejected.

Please telephone the pharmacy to ask when convenient to collect.

MyHealthOnline - Book/Cancel appointments/request prescriptions online

Before you can create a My Health Online account you must register for this service.  Please download and complete the registration form below - Request for a My Health Online Account.  You will need to bring this completed form and your identification documents to the practice. 
We will provide you with a registration letter that will contain the following information:
  • Web Address
  • Practice ID
  • Patient  ID (NHS number)
  • The Registration Token
Note : You cannot create an account without a registration letter.
Once you have the Registration letter with the above details, you can use the  User Guide below to help you set up your account and access the following link: Request for MHOL Account Standard Access(inc SMS text consent)- English


Repeat Prescriptions Policy
We require a minimum of 48hr workday notice for repeat prescriptions.  This means that if you put a repeat request in on Friday, it will be ready on Tuesday and so on.  Alternatively if you use a nominated Pharmacy to request your prescriptions on your behalf, we require 72hrs workday notice.  We will not routinely prescribe over-the-counter medicines that can be bought unless they have been specifically suggested to use by your GP and neither can we routinely issue prescriptions that have not been requested in the last six months.  If your GP has suggested a trial of medication that is not on your repeat prescription and you wish to continue with it, you will need to make an appointment with your GP to discuss this.

You may collect your prescriptions from the Surgery between the times of 9am and 6pm only.  Please note that it is not normal practice to allow a child to collect a prescription on your behalf.

Pharmacy Collection
You may nominate your chosen Pharmacy to request and collect your prescriptions for you when they are due or you can request your prescription through your pharmacist when you need them.  Alternatively if you are depositing your prescription yourself and would like us to send it to a particular Pharmacy when it is ready, you can nominate the Pharmacy on your request and your prescription will be at that Pharmacy within 72 working hours.

Acute Prescriptions
If you are requesting something that is not on your repeat prescription for a condition that we are not aware of, you will be required to make an appointment with the GP to assess your symptoms first even if you have had the medication in the past for something else.